JMX Series – SOURIAU’s medical connectors now available in bigger sizes


SOURIAU enlarged its offer for the medical interconnect market in 2017 with the JMX series. A bioplastic, easy to mate and handle, and autoclave-resistant connector range especially designed for medical equipment.

Medical connectors

This year at Compamed, SOURIAU showcased its latest addition to the range – with larger sizes now available for order. This is in response to a demand for higher density and a larger number of contacts in the electrical systems of equipment with a mix of power and signal contacts, a reflection of how electronics are becoming increasingly embedded and complex in this high-tech field.

Connectors for Medical Technology

Medical applications expose equipment to unique and very specific conditions, which require certain properties from the interconnect systems. First is the critical consequence of failure – for equipment such as defibrillators or surgical equipment, equipment failure can put the lives of the patients at risk so one of the key requirements will be to guarantee extreme reliability of the solution.

Other properties will be dependent on the applications and the environments that the equipment will be exposed to. Some examples include being easy to mate and unmate with gloves, having a color-coding system that enables safe, easy and quick connections, and being completely water-resistant. Certain systems such as surgical equipment may need to be sterilized regularly and that means the interconnect system has to be able to withstand autoclave temperatures exceeding 120°C for up to 20 minutes without affecting its properties.

SOURIAU’s JMX Series has been designed with these specific needs in mind, offering medical equipment manufacturers peace of mind with a reputation of extreme reliability built on our 100 years of experience in harsh environments ranging from space missions to nuclear plants and submarines – environments where you do not want a connector to suddenly stop working.

A Comprehensive Offer

The JMX Series size 2 offers a more flexible solution for manufacturers of sophisticated medical equipment, and our custom cable assembly offer allows them to receive a turnkey, ready-to-use interconnect system from a single supplier, saving them time and money. SOURIAU is certified ISO 13485 and the JMX is qualified according to IEC 60601-1, which in turn also makes qualifying your equipment easier and quicker.

You can view our press release about the JMX size 2 by clicking here, and if you have any questions about our medical grade connectors please contact our technical support team.

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